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Birthday Night at the Rockwell - Nov., 26th

As your webmaster, I wish to apologize for sending out two emails that were incorrect. The first email had the wrong date (which I corrected and sent out again, it is November 26th) The second email had the wrong speaker, it is not Johnice, L., The speaker is Tod....

Please come and join us tonight for food fellowship and Fun. Help us celebrate all of you birthday friends!

Let's sing Happy Birthday to:

Johnice L., 38yrs, Phil B, 6yrs, Robert W., 17yrs, Joe R., 11yrs, Sam W., 6yrs, Michael, 6yrs, Mike H., 15yrs, Tim P., 28yrs, Jen B., 1yr, Jerry R.,1yr, William D., 8yrs, Lisa S., 23yrs, Matt B.,2yrs, Charles S., 8yrs

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